A queen living on the edge

Between the wild forest and lands appropriated by man lies the edge, a chaotic habitat populated with hardy adventurers. In this rough realm, a beautiful queen holds court in her signature gown trimmed in white lace. Queen Anne’s lace they call it, and it has magic powers.

The circular cape undergoes a transformation, becoming an elegant orb atop a royal scepter. This is the royal nursery where young princesses grow to maturity, held protectively behind the orb’s vertical rays. Times passes, and the rays open outward, turning the orb into an open cup. Now brown and toothy, the royal seed hitch rides with the wind and passing travelers in search of new lands to conquer.

As the last royals leave the nest, the cup undergoes another transformation, becoming a coronet rimmed with glittering rosettes. In distant edge colonies, future queens begin a long sleep in preparation for the greatest magic trick on earth, spring.


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